Brocante Cafe Team

Robbe De Backer :

Rumour has it he was born in a 2nd hand shop. …etc

Caroline Dupon :

As a tower of strenght since the 2014 pop-up in ‘t Genthof she is the silent force behind the dustfree and organized impressions you’ll find in the cafe. Every wedsnesday and saturday she keeps the head cool and trys to cope with Robbe’s stackingmania . Being a seasoned Brocanteconnaisseur with her 30+ years of experience in the field she’ll give you information about the what,where and hows off our inventory. Serving drinks and setting atmosphere as if she’s back in the 80’s the cafe thrives on her smile and energy .

If duracell hadn’t got a cheap deal with that bunny Caroline would be the posterlady!


Joke D’hondt :

Teacher by heart Brocante cafe teammember by reputation,  one of the solid members ,who with her childrenskills ,knows how to be a stable compagnon to all the boys who will be boys of any age, a sincere smile and a ton of helpfulness help her to help you in the search for special items or just to find a great time.

As the chief of social media she keeps you posted threw Instagram and facebook on latest events and news !

Being Chief also makes her able to boss around the boss !

Not enlisted but ow so valuable to all our little and big successes :

Els Janssens : Mother of Robbe , a do it all with an appearance that exposes her wide cultural and historical knowledge behind a smile  .

Marc D’hondt † : Father of Joke and socially engaged like a puppy he was always in the mood for friendship ,unconditional love and help without any expectation.

Patrick De Blauwe : Technical genius with fingers of gold , fixing broken items or playing music in his studio are all executed with precision in an oasis of tranquility .

He and she that isn’t named by name but so appreciated by us! Thanks!