After being brought up by lions in the african jungle(?)

Robbe started his entrepeneurship in 2010 at the age of 23 with a 2ndhand bussines called Verkoopzaal Robbe , still active today and primarely a total house clearing bussines it has its store in Vladslo -Diksmuide. Since moving from Bruges  the idea of returning to his native city was kept alive with opening our first pop-up store/cafe in the summer of 2014 .The first Brocante Cafe at  Genthof 24 in Bruges served as the perfect learning experience. We popped up again in september 2016,with a bigger team and the same dedication.

We’re now opened 5days a week permanently at langestraat 57 in Bruges.


When there is no “I” in team these are the true components.

The Brocante Cafe team :

Robbe De Backer ; Joke D’hondt ; Caroline Dupon .



Foto: Ellen De Meulemeester.