Our Team

Robbe De Backer, Joke D’hondt, Caroline Dupon and Els Janssens

Robbe started his entrepeneurship in 2010 at the age of 23 with a 2ndhand bussines called Verkoopzaal Robbe. Still active today and primarely a total house clearing bussines with the store located in Vladslo-Diksmuide.

Since moving from Bruges the idea of returning to his native city was kept alive with opening his first pop-up store/café in the summer of 2014. The first Brocante Café at Genthof 24 in Bruges served as the perfect learning experience. He popped up again in september 2016. This time with a bigger team, bigger store ,bigger stock and with the same dedication.

Caroline joined the staff and since the opening day on 17 september 2016 she has been the vital link between Robbe and a clean store.

It got easier to tidy up the shop when Robbe went on a life changing adventure in 2018 .A game show called Expeditie Robinson (‘survivor’) 33 days on an island with 2x socks, underpants, shorts,t-shirt and definitely no antiques !

Halleluja , there came Viktor, who , while studying helped out for 2 years giving a digital feel to our stock and improving the looks of the haircut within the team.

Fast forward to 2022  : In the meantime our team is organising the yearly flea market in the langestraat the last sunday of april . In february a new project was launched in Torhout setting up containers for third party export .

August 2022 Brocante cafe is put in the spotlight in ‘Het beste bod’ a television show on play4 / Goplay . Robbe is starting bidding wars with 5 other flemish colleagues.


Inside visuals