The local People in concert ! September 18, 2019 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Since some time now our cafe has been a place where locals meet and strangers come passing threw, so it was about time we celebrated the local people ! Since they’ve got music in their hearts it won’t surprise you they’ll be caressing us with sounds and voices on the 5th of octobre.

The local people are a trio locally known as : Robert Minnebo ; Bart Vlaeminck and Marc Van Achte that explores and discovers in acoustic roots music,Folk,bluegrass,early jazz,…

Music from regular people with a story warming the heart with socialy inspired lyrics. Local People brings music from the early days that form the bases for a lot of contemporary music. An acoustic roadtrip over the highlands to the missisipi and the irish fiels .

Starts at 20h and will be in your heart and head for some time.